Jake’s Therapy and Show Book

I just made a little photo book showing Jacoby in action at cat shows and on therapy visits.

Click here to view this photo book larger

I’ve been taking various print outs of his magazine appearances and the Herald pages in a presentation book along with all our Pet Partners certification papers, but I think this little book will be a lot more handy. I used the silly Southwestern theme because his namesake, Jacoby Ellsbury, is a Native American…and it looked nicer than most of the other themes they had!

4 thoughts on “Jake’s Therapy and Show Book

  1. I love it, my only request would be to change the abbreviations for CFA and TICA and such to the full length names of the organizations. Someone not familiar with cat shows and pure breeds would have no clue what they mean.


    1. That’s a good point…I was also thinking I should have added the logos, too, for the organisations and also the Pet Me ambassador program.. However, this is a sort of “show and tell” book, so that actually creates a point of discussion that can spark a conversation with someone. So


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