Aby-a-Day – September 24: String Theory (Cartoon Tuesday)

I’ve never actually seen cats play with a ball of yarn. Although, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ball of yarn. It seems to always come in skeins…and those don’t look fun to play with at all.


And yes, Angel is the one knitting because she’s a girl. Totally sexist, I admit…but let’s face it, Jake would suck at knitting.

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Abys in Need: Topaz in NY

Here’s a devoted girl who will need a new forever home soon.

Topaz will be homeless at end of month. Her human is going back to England. Topaz’s human is an older woman in her upper 80’s who is not healthy and has a little dementia. Her nephew is taking her home and putting her in a nursing home where there are no pets allowed (even if there wasn’t a quarantine for animals imported into the UK).

Topaz’s last physical exam was good. She’s a little chunky for her breed since she is on dry food only, and she needs dental work but her bloodwork seems good (waiting to hear back). She was so calm at vet. Don’t think she’s ever been around another cat.

I don’t know how old Topaz is. If you are interested in giving this lovely lady a new home, please contact Bunny Hofberg by email.