Aby-a-Day – Septermber 29: Scenes from a therapy visit

Jacoby and I have been visiting the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Hospital at Boston Medical Center alternate weeks from our visits at Tufts.


It’s a little different from Tufts in that we visit patients on three different floors. So during a normal visit, we move around a lot.


Jake takes it all in stride, of course.




He loves spending time with the patients.


This patient was trying to get Jake to go on his shoulders. It didn’t work, but that wasn’t the patient’s fault; Jake just really is not a shoulder cat.



Jake really seems to enjoy just hanging out with his friends at the hospital. It’s really awesome to watch.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Septermber 29: Scenes from a therapy visit

    1. Tessie is the same way. She LOVES people and is our “nurse kitty” but she startles at loud noises (trucks, trains, buses) and wouldn’t pass the therapy test when we got to the bit about dogs…


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