Abys in Need: UPDATE on Buttercup

You may remember my post the other day about Buttercup, the 14 year old Aby who was dumped in a high-kill shelter in San Bernadino.

Well, thanks to Pat, we have an update. It’s not all good news, unfortunately: although she’s been rescued by Southern California Aby Rescue, she has a tumour and she’s also in renal failure. Isn’t that horrid? Whoever her humans were, they dumped her because she was old and sick. Isn’t that just like that open letter to the former owners of that dog Cocoa that’s going around the internet? Ugh.

Buttercup has received much notariety after being turned into a Southern California Shelter. A compassionate volunteer from Southern California Siamese Rescue have worked tirelessly to help SCAR pull her from the shelter and keep her from being put down. She is now out of the shelter and was immediately taken to a veterinarian. She has a tumor that ruptured some time ago that has spread and she is also in renal failure. Buttercup will be taken into permanent foster and every effort will be made to make her comfortable and give her the love she so deserves. Sometimes it takes a village to save an Abyssinian and Buttercup has proven this to all of us. She certainly has a lesson to teach us. It is not over and we will keep you posted with photos (at right) and her progress.

Friday, 9/27/13 – Buttercup is safe in her foster home and enjoyed her grooming session. Her mats are now gone and she feels much better.

If you want to help SCAR with medical costs of Buttercup, or any of the other many Abys that they take in, donations can be sent by check to:

PO Box 57
Whittier, CA 90608

4 thoughts on “Abys in Need: UPDATE on Buttercup

  1. I saw on Facebook that she was rescued, and it really burns me that she was probably dumped at that horrible place because some terrible humans didn’t want to deal with her illnesses. Grrr! I am so glad she’s in caring hands now.


  2. As of Saturday, Buttercup was not thrilled with getting her fluids, which may lead us to believe she is feeling better. She certainly was happy getting her mats removed. Although we will never know, it could be that she was brought to the shelter by family after her owner passed away. We have had this happen before. An elderly owner has a difficult time caring for their aby and they passed. The family was overwhelmed and did not know what else to do. No, this does not make it right, but right now we are thankful for everyone’s love sent out to Buttercup.


    1. Thank you for the update!
      That happens a lot in Florida, too: Elderly people pass away and their children come to deal with their belongings…and the cat just gets turned out. “Oh, it’s Florida, it’s warm…the cat can survive.” Riiiiight.
      People need to realise that when their parents die, they need to take care of their pets, too! I can’t believe that not caring for these elderly peoples’ loved ones is respecting their last wishes at all…


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