Aby-a-Day – October 4: Meet Marlin (Fashion Friday)

I’m a founding member of the New England Meow Outfit (NEMO), the newest CFA cat club in North America, and as I mentioned a month or so ago, we’re putting on our very first cat show next weekend.

I’m the recording secretary and resident artist, and I designed our logo: a Maine Coon cat holding a clownfish. His name is Marlin, and he adorns many different items in our Zazzle shop (we’re non-profit, and this is actually one of our fundraisers).

But since Marlin is my baby, I couldn’t be happy with him only existing in two dimensions. So I made a stuffed Marlin.



I got super lucky with the fabric – I found the absolutely perfect cream longhaired fabric at a shop online, and I used a blend of different patterns to fit the Maneki Neko pose I drew him in.


The sitting body is taken from the pattern I used to make the plush Angel. The head and the arms are taken from two different teddy patterns I’ve used to make different Jacoby plushies. The fish is a commercial one I found on Amazon.


His eyes glow in the dark, too.


Of course, I’m not allowed to take photos of anything that doesn’t include Jacoby.


Perish the thought!


Marlin’s a pretty good size, too; you can see how big he is compared to Jake.


We’re also having a costume contest at the show, and my friend Iris found a Finding Nemo pet Halloween costume at Petsmart. Well, of course I had to get one for Jake…



…but I don’t think he’s much of a fan.


I hope he forgives Iris…someday.


However, the costume wasn’t a total bust. Look who it DOES fit!


Isn’t it nice when everything works out?