Aby-a-Day – October 13: That’s show business!

The New England Meow Outfit’s first CFA cat show is over. And it was a lot of fun. One of the highlights was the human-feline costume contest. We had a remarkable turnout!


Jacoby and I actually wore three costumes yesterday. We started out in our ancient Egyptian set.

Mine has been slightly modified for comfort and warmth.


Jake has really gotten used to the crown that our friend Julie (Toki Nantucket’s mom) made.


He even slept in it!

About halfway through the day, we changed into our “Nellie and Luther at the Thanksgiving Follies” scene from South Pacific.


I even sang “Honey Bun” with slightly revised wording.


“10.1 pounds of fun, that’s my little Honey Bun
Get a load of Honey Bun tonight
I’m speakin’ of my Sweetie Pie
Only sixteen inches high
Ev’ry inch is packed with dynamite.”


I even made little tags for his hips to name them “Whirly” and “Twirly.” And you’ll notice that his blond wig is ticked…



Then, for the contest itself, we changed into our Sushi ensemble.




I was a sushi waitress, and Jake was sushi.


The sushi costume actually came from Petco.


Jake didn’t actually have mad ears…that was just the elastic on the sushi-grass hat.


He was really quite relaxed and happy.


We had stiff competition, though. Most of it came from Abys and Somalis.


Meg and Fire, inspired by MJ’s catnip, were a pair of Rastafarians.



Fire was in a bad mood, which Meg used to her advantage; she said he was mad because she forgot the rolling papers.



Marsha Ammons (who was also our emcee) and her blue Aby, Dante Mooner (Racy’s nephew) were a cat and witch.



And Linda and her Somali Pippi were Gomez and Morticia Addams.


None of the Abys ended up winning the contest, however.


The winners were Marie Antoinette and her Turkish Angora (portrayed by Iris and Birdie)…


And Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig (as played by Geri and Tortoni).


All in all it was a wonderful time. There were actually about 15 entries – and all of them were cats who were also entered in the show! Everyone really enjoyed it.

Also, one last note…I have to thank Abyfriend Kelli who came all the way from Texas to visit us at the show and who took all the photos of the costume contest because I was a little busy. She, my friend Theresa and my friend Deb took the photos of me with Jake. Sometimes, a blog post really takes a village.

I know you want to hear more about the show…and see more photos…but I didn’t get home til after 8pm and I have about 2,000 photos to go through. I’ll go through them as fast as I can, so stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 13: That’s show business!

  1. I think it is a little awesome that the winner kitties did not have to wear costumes, just the humans! ‘Cause you know how much I hate wearing costumes. Jake looked great in all his outfits, though.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


    1. Well, the Persian playing Hedwig actually had on white wings. They’re just a little hard to see.
      And the kitties were kind of supposed to wear costumes…that was a little bit of a thing, honestly..


  2. It was great to see you again and finally meet Jake. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I was getting tired, and we still had chores at home to do. Next time there is a local show, let me know, it’s fun to see all the cats.


      1. White Plains is a little far for me.
        Hard to compare GunHee and Jake. Jake was a little mellower than I expected. Jake is prettier.


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