Aby-a-Day – October 14: Waiting for our ride (Hipstamatic Monday)

Because we were on the show committee, Jacoby and I left around noon to go to the show early on Friday.



We were catching a ride with our friend Jan, and we didn’t want to make her wait, so we brought everything outside and waited for her there.



It was a wonderfully warm October afternoon and sitting outside was no chore at all.



In fact, it was downright pleasant.


Jake knows when we’re going to a show. He gets as excited and antsy as I do. Traffic in Boston being what it is, Jan took a little longer to meet us than Jake was prepared for. He is, after all a cat of action.


“Come on! I’m ready to go to the show! Let’s move!”

Abys in Need – Purr McCartney in Santa Cruz, CA

This is something I worry about happening…

“Purr is a 7 year old neutered ruddy Aby. And he needs your help. His person passed away, and being an indoor/outdoor Aby, he was outside and the neighbor trapped him and took him to the pound, while the funeral was ongoing! Fortunately the mother of the deceased owner retrieved him. He was full of affection when she came to get him, but he was scared and aloof and with the shelter staff. (actually this is very typical Aby behavior, reverting to being feral when scared. Surprised the staff didn’t know about this trait with Abys.) This information is already shared with SCAR, but otherwise, please spread the word.

Please contact the mother directly, she has Purr. Her name and email address: Debra McCartney debranirmada@gmail.com

Evidently, Purebreds Plus (the rescue who fostered Angel) is also getting involved with Purr’s predicament. That makes me happy and confident that he’ll land on his feet. What a sweet-looking boy!