Aby-a-Day – October 20: Boys will be boys

It’s so much fun to watch an Aby in a hotel room.



They love hotel rooms.


Jacoby has to explore every inch of the room, from top…


…to bottom.


On this trip, however, Meg and I had an adjoining room with Molly and Teresa. Which meant that Jake also had an adjoining room with Molly’s young Grand* Champion, Nikolai (Pentaclecats Nikolai of Tigrflower). Nik is actually the son of Mosey, who we met when we first met Molly two years ago.


Nik is 11 months old; an adult, but just barely. And he is fearless. When we opened the door between our rooms, Nik just came marching on in.


Jake isn’t crazy about cats he doesn’t know, so of course he hissed at Nik.


Nik didn’t care. He just hissed back. “Whatever, dude.”


But that’s all they did. Just a little hissing.



And you can tell Jake wasn’t too upset at Nik, not with that happy tail!



Meg didn’t come until Saturday morning, so the next night, Jake had an actual roommate in his cousin Fire.


Jake and Fire have shared rooms before, but that was when Fire was still a Champion, so one or the other was always in a tent. This time, Fire was a Premier, so we let them both run loose. And they got along pretty well!



Look at them! They definitely have some sort of project going on.



Once Jake realised that the other Aby wasn’t a rival for my affections, I think he actually kind of liked having a buddy to play with.


They actually stayed up all night playing chase and hide-and-seek games! It was really adorable…but oh, were they tired on Sunday!

*Molly actually called me this afternoon…Nikolai Granded this afternoon! Whoo hoo! Congratulations, Nik and Molly!

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 20: Boys will be boys

  1. OK, I didn’t understand something. When Fire was a Champion, why did someone always have to stay in his tent? What is the difference between Champion and Premier?

    These are great pictures! Well done, Coco!


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