Cat Scouts – Be purrpared for the adventure of your lives

I discovered the most awesome, most FUN website last week, thanks to Texas the cat. Actually, it’s not just a website…it’s a way of life.

It’s the Cat Scouts! Cats join up, earn merit badges, compete in character-building contests of wit and skill, and meet other swell fellows around the world. Both boycats and girlcats can be Scouts, but girl Cat Scouts are required to sell treats, like Thin Catmints, on a card table in front of the supermarket to raise money to fund Cat Scout activities.

Jacoby even started his own troop, “Abyssinians at Large,” and there are four other Abys in the Cat Scouts right now – including Angel!

But the best news is that Jake was named co-Scout of the Week last week along with a cat named Raz! Here’s what the Denmaster had to say about Jake:

Scout Jake the Strollercat…IS the first Cat Scout to score every single merit badge. He’s been instrumental in introducing a number of new Abyssinian friends to Cat Scouts. And, he’s the founder of the Abyssinians at Large Troop. We’re proud to have a celebricat like Jake in Cat Scouts.

As I said, girlcats can be Cat Scouts, too! Angel is also a member of Jake’s troop, and look at her posing in her cute little uniform!

There’s a Cardwood Car Derby coming up next month, and soon we’ll be able to buy little neckerchiefs and woggles for the Cat Scouts. The Cat Scout Handbook is going to be published in 2014. It’s such a clever idea and it’s so much fun…if you have an Aby who joins, be sure to join Jake’s troop! And always, be purrpared!

3 thoughts on “Cat Scouts – Be purrpared for the adventure of your lives

  1. and is there an equivalent to “Eagle Scout” within the Cat Scouts? What would it be deemed?
    Cougar Scout?
    Lion Scout?


    1. Everycat starts out as a Tenderpaw (the badge has a cheetah on it). After that, the ranks are:

      So, yes! You’re right…sort of. I guess the Sabertooth is the Eagle equivalent…


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