Aby-a-Day – October 25: Jacoby’s Escalator Accident (Friday Flashback)

Jacoby’s escalator accident was three years ago this past Wednesday. I’ve got a lot of new readers, so I thought I should remind you all about this red-letter day in Jake’s history.

It started out as a simple errand to pick something up from my office on a Saturday morning. I took Jake along for company. When we got home, he wanted to run up the escalator (he loves stairs) and I let him. At the top of the escalator, he let out a horrible SQUAWK!

One of his back feet had gotten caught in the step as it went underneath the landing! I had no time to think, only to react, and I didn’t immediately see the emergency stop button for the escalator. There was also no MBTA personnel at the gate, so I just pulled Jake’s foot out and, not even stopping to look at it it, I held it tight in one hand and went up and outside…to wait for a bus. For about thirty seconds, until it occurred to me that I should take a cab. Thankfully, our vet is only several blocks up the street from us.

He was such a great boy while they were working on him! He didn’t need restraining or sedation, he just lay there calmly while we fixed him. He was extremely lucky: he only had a tendon-deep cut to one toe. It could have been so much worse.


Jake didn’t actually even get any stitches. The vet just used surgical glue and bandages to close the wound. And on the bus ride home, Jake was fairly alert, watching the cars out the window.


I made a little sock to cover his bandages so he wouldn’t bite at them and had all the girls sign it.


Isn’t it cute? The first time I put it on him, he went through a range of emotions…


“Oh, woe is me!” Jake can be very dramatic when he wants to be.


Then, his bandage became a toy.


Finally, he decided to try the Coyote Ugly approach. It didn’t work, thanks to the bitter “no-chew” bandages I used under his sock.


He even got flowers!


We had to visit the vet several time to check the healing and change his dressings. He took it all in stride, of course.


We even incorporated his bandaged foot when we dressed up for Halloween. He was an Egyptian mummy cat.


His foot remained bandaged for about a month. As you can see, he didn’t even notice it after a while.


Finally, the big day came! No more bandages! You can see the tiny scar between his toes.


He was so happy to finally be able to groom those toes! I wonder if it itched, the way a cast does?


He healed quickly, as you can see – he was bandageless by Remembrance Day! But he was so, so lucky. Boston escalators – especially the ones in MBTA stations – have killed people! Apparently, they have warning signs in LA about just this sort of thing:

Chihuahua hazard warning, escalator, mall, Glendale, Los Angeles, California, USA
Photo by Gruntzooki (Cory Doctorow) on Flickr

Jake’s so lucky that he didn’t lose his foot. I know I’ll never take an escalator for granted again.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 25: Jacoby’s Escalator Accident (Friday Flashback)

  1. I had heard from someone that something had happened with the escalator. I didn’t know what exactly until now. Im so glad that he is ok. He is a little trooper. ❤


  2. Oh! Poor Jake! I had no idea that escalators could be that dangerous! I still don’t like getting on them. I always feel as if my timing has got to be just right. And I am NOT very coordinated!


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