Happy Ending! Ronica has found a home!

I’m sure you all remember the urgent post last week about poor Ronica, the Aby who was slated to be euthanised if she didn’t get adopted within 24 hours.

Well, I am VERY happy to report that Ronica was rescued! Thanks to the Aby Rescue Network on Facebook, Ronica has a home in Maine.

She is very thin and she has a URI…but as you can see, she already has a new comfy bed and was very content with it..just look at her smile! I am so happy to be able to pass this good news along!

6 thoughts on “Happy Ending! Ronica has found a home!

  1. Ronica now has a new name – Ivy. So far she is doing well from what I understand from her owners posts. Things like this make my heart sing. Her “Mom” wrote ” Just think if I did not go on Facebook to wish a friend happy birthday this cat would be dead !!!! She had only hours to live..”

    Facebook is an awesome tool for those cats out there that need homes!


  2. I am the proud new owner of Ronica renamed “Eve” Can’t image my life without her now!! A real love bug! Now I have 3 rescued Abys and my other fur kids!!!


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