Aby-a-Day – November 1: The few, the proud, the Cat Scouts (Fashion Friday)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the new Cat Scouts website. Both Jacoby and Angel are proud Scouts and are working hard on earning their merit badges. There are uniforms that can be Photoshopped to look like the cats are wearing them, and real live uniforms, caps and neckerchiefs with woggles will be available for sale soon…but you know me.


I just couldn’t wait.


I found the perfect little garrison cap on Etsy. Many of merit badges can be purchased on Zazzle, and it’s easy to find dogs scarves and Boy Scouts paraphernalia on eBay.


And how hard is it to make a little merit badge sash? We had the perfect shirt in the rag pile so I used a piece of it to whip up a nice little baldric for Jake.


The woggle is a Tiger Cub Scout one, and the top badge on Jake’s sash is one of his CFA Ambassador tags hanging from a genuine Boy Scouts “Be Prepared” banner pin.


Eventually, I’ll get Jake a camp shirt and pin the sash to it so it stays on his (so-called) shoulder better, and I’ll be the first to order the official neckerchief and woggle…but in the meantime, I’d say he was pretty prepared, wouldn’t you?