Abys are Everywhere: Russian models

Check out this awesome Russian magazine page!

How awesome is this? It comes via Facebook, and an Aby breeder named Irina who writes:

“Our dear cats took part in photographing for advertising of exclusive Pet Carriers and Pet accessories for the Conde Nast Traveller magazine Eternity and Jevel estimated bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada”

I don’t know if it’s in the English version of Conde Nast Traveller, but if I find it I’ll let you know.

Aby-a-Day – November 3: Angelic intervention

October was a crazy month. The Red Sox, the NEMO show, Halloween…it’s kind of been all about Jacoby, hasn’t it, the whole past month?


So, here’s Angel.


Because this blog is called Aby-a-Day, not Jacoby-a-Day, right? Right!