Aby-a-Day – November 7: Just chillin’

It seems like the last week or so has been super busy, with therapy visits, Halloween and the whole Red Sox thing…


…time to just take a few moments and relax.

Abys are Everywhere: The internet is made of cats…

So there I am, minding my own business, and all of a sudden this appears in my Facebook notifications:

He was posted on the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook, apparently as publicity for a Latvian flight school. But look at him with his captain’s hat! He smiles and poses just like Jacoby!!


I mean, seriously…look at them!

But then I check my email, and I’ve got a message from Kickstarter

…with this familiar Icelandic Aby:

I swear, they’re everywhere! And they’re all wearing clothes and smiling!