Aby-a-Day – November 10: Two sides of the same stump

Sometimes you just see something, and you instantly think “Ooohh…I have GOT to take photos of that!”


So, when we were on our way to our hotel room at the NEMO show last month in Sturbridge, I couldn’t wait to get some photos of Jacoby on this big tree stump.


And Jake being Jake, he was perfectly willing to oblige me and pose on it.


It was a gorgeous autumn afternoon.


And it was a wonderfully huge tree stump.


And Jake was pleased as punch to be up on top of that big stump, too.


“I am ABY!”


“Hear me ROAR!”


My dad always told me not to shoot photos into the sun, but sometimes, it works to your advantage and gives you some dramatic shots.


You know, the “pensive looking into the distance” kind of shot.


Jake’s really good at that.


I think he was really enjoying that tree stump. When he was on it, he was taller than I am, and cats always love to be as high as they can be. Plus, he’s always happy when he’s getting his photo taken…no matter where we are.

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