Aby-a-Day – November 15: Gun-Hee in the kitchen (Friday Flashback)

We used to call Gun-Hee the KMD…”Kitten of Mass Distruction.”


That’s because he did things like this. See that rice pot? It’s meant to be on the kitchen counter, not hanging upside-down by its cord!


At least the inner pot that holds the rice landed upright!


And there was absolutely no question who was responsible for this mayhem.


Gun-Hee was so proud of himself! Just look at him! He’s petting himself on that stepstool while he basks in the glory of his mess. Jacoby has knocked his share of things off of that same kitchen counter…but he’s never done this!

(This was discovered first thing in the morning on 27 September 2007)

Abys in Need: Juniper in Brooklyn, NY

The listing says he’s an “Abyssinian mix” but he looks all Aby to me. He also looks young

“Animal ID : 21436207
Breed : Abyssinian/Mix
Age : 1 year
Gender : Male
Color : Taupe
Spayed/Neutered : Yes
Declawed : No”

Juniper is at A Tail at a Time, a no-kill shelter on 238 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. They are “committed to finding permanent, loving, safe homes for domesticated animals that have either been abandoned on the streets of New York City or who end up in the New York City animal shelters (ACC). We are a no-kill rescue organization that believes that a domesticated animal living outside is not safe and deserves the warmth and comfort of a its own home. Animals that reside in the city animal shelters deserve the right to live out their natural life expectancy. We initially place the animals in foster homes or in adoption centers while we find loving adoptive homes for them. We also engage in activities that strive to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and in the humane treatment of animals. While we don’t believe in anthropomorphizing animals, we have observed that they are capable of experiencing grief, loss and depression when abandoned.”

If you are interested in adopting Juniper, you can call them at (347) 683-1221 or email them at adopt@atailatatime.org.

Other People’s Abys: Vote for Frodo!

AbyFriend Bernd posted this ADORABLE photo of little Frodo and he needs your vote…I’m not sure what he wins, because the website is in German, but cute is panlingual! (The voting button is the one with the heart that says “Abstimmen.”)


“Sie ist die süßeste Versuchung der Welt. Wer kann diesem Blick schon wiederstehen??”
(She is the sweetest temptations of the world. Who can resist this view already?)

It says “Freya” on the website, but the photo is actually of her brother Frodo.