Congratulations to Cat Scout of the Week Wren!

Speaking of Cat Scouts, Abyfriend Wren is the Cat Scout of the week!

Congratulations, Wren! We need more Abys in the Cat Scouts!

Aby-a-Day – November 17: The Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby

The Cat Scouts is having their very first event – the Cardwood Derby! Each Cat Scout has to build their own Cardwood Derby race car. There were some rules, of course, such as at least 80% of the car must be constructed from a cardboard box, a video of the Cat Scout showing off your driving skills scores extra points, kits are not expressly prohibited, but since the entries will be judged on originality and craftsmanship, they will likely decrease the chances of winning, and the car need not roll, per se.


So, since kits were allowed – and the car didn’t necessarily have to be a car, Angel entered the fighter plane.



Like any good pilot, she examined her craft before takeoff.


It’s important to make sure everything is in good working order while you’re still on the ground.



Granted, Angel’s entry in the Cardwood Derby wasn’t made from scratch…but it is the only plane entered.



Jacoby, of course, wanted his car built from scratch. He picked out the main box himself.


And he also wanted it to really roll.


But the only wheels I could find were kind of bulky. I couldn’t really do much to incorporate them into a sleek-looking race car.


It’s actually more of a tank.


But it’s Boston Strong!


And Jake liked it, which is the most important thing.


When it was all finished, we took it out to the hallway to let her go.


I attached Jake’s leash to the front and we ran it up and down the long carpeted corridor.


Jake’s car was a bit wobbly, but it worked.


We even ran into a neighbour while we were racing.


She was very impressed with Jake’s car…and his Scouts uniform.

Check out Jake’s car in action! I don’t know who will win – there are some truly awesome entries – but it was a lot of fun. Building a Cardwood car isn’t as easy as it looks!