Other People’s Abys – Abys on eBay?

Okay, prepare to lose your temper…I know I kind of did when I saw this…

I know what you’re thinking: “How can such adorable Aby kittens be rage-worthy?” Well…let me show you the rest of the story:

These kittens are for sale on eBay Classifieds! And the ad says they’re “almost ready to go” but they’re only four weeks old according to the ad! Aby kittens generally shouldn’t leave their mothers til they’re around three months old.

On the one hand…cute Abys for sale in Staten Island, but on the other hand…eBay? Really? That just seems like such an inappropriate venue for selling kittens in general, let alone Abyssinian kittens!


8 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Abys on eBay?

  1. UGH! This infuriates me too. People who adopt a breed cat, especially breeds like Abys, need education on how to live with them. Well, actually way too many people need education on how to live with cats, period! But this is just so wrong. I feel so bad for these kittens and their mom (and the other cats in this cattery) because I know they are not getting the care, love and socialization they should. And they probably won’t get the types of homes they should, either.


  2. Here’s EBay’s info on posting classified ads for pets: http://info.ebayclassifieds.com/helpcenter/?article=82

    Regarding young dogs and kittens, it says this: “In accordance with many state laws, eBay Classifieds prohibits the sale of puppies or kittens under 8 weeks old. If eBay Classifieds believes a user is selling a puppy or kitten under 8 weeks of age we reserve the right to remove the ad and suspend posting privileges.”

    You can flag the ad as “prohibited” so that Ebay is notified about and will look into it.

    I wonder if the “breeder” is just looking for potential owners at the moment and won’t actually let the kittens go until they are older? The ad description has no info other than the kittens’ age and colors. I reserved my Aby when he was about 4 weeks old and the breeder told me upfront before any deposit was made that she doesn’t let the kittens go until they are at least 12 weeks old.


  3. I wish that all on-line venues such as CraigsList, Amazon.com, eBay, and etcetera would not allow the sale of live animals. I find it ridiculous. And, YES! FOUR WEEKS is way too young to allow a kitten to leave her nest! Grrr!


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