Abys in Need: Jellybean in Anjou, Québec

Four months old, people! FOUR MONTHS!!!

Jellybean is a four-month old Abyssinian. She has been put up for adoption because she has luxating patella, level 3 or 4, on both sides. She has no trouble getting around, and doesn’t seem to be in pain. But with time, if this condition isn’t treated, she is at risk for developing arthritis. As her condition is fairly serious, we strongly recommend surgery. Failing that, she will need glucosamine supplements or a special food for healthy joints. It will be especially important that she not be allowed to become overweight. Jellybean is adorable, sociable and affectionate. She is declawed on all four paws. Her adoption fee is $150, which includes spaying, deworming, first vaccine, and microchip.

For more information, check out JB’s information on Petfinder.

7 thoughts on “Abys in Need: Jellybean in Anjou, Québec

  1. I passed this along to my Abys’ breeder to see if she knew of anyone. I wish I could adopt her. I SO miss having an Aby around the house.

    Selina & MomKatt Laura


  2. Okay, so this ghoul could afford to declaw this poor kitty on ALL FOUR paws, but did not want to deal with her legitimate medical issue. I wish there was a way to bar the person who abandoned her from EVER having a cat again! Paws crossed this baby (because she is still a baby) finds the home she deserves. And BTW, where is her breeder? 😦


    1. Ghoul is an excellent word. And since she’s not spayed yet, I’m thinking the breeder may well have been the one to declaw her, so maybe we don’t want to bring the breeder into it.


      1. Reading all this just makes me SO very sad for this poor baby. 😦 Breeders like this person – if this is true – really give good, responsible breeders a bad name. And the cat(s) pay the highest price.


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