Aby-a-Day – December 5: Somalis on the go at Westchester

At the Westchester show, it was my pleasure to be benched next to Joe and Marvie and their Aby QGC, RW Odakota Fearghus of Majorus (Gus, for short) and their fawn Somali Majorus Conneach (Max, I think he was called for short).


Max is only just a year old (born 28 October 2012*) and he’s still in the Novice class, but he has a very mature personality.


In fact, Joe says he may have a future as a therapy cat! I can see it. Max is a wonderful guy who loves to walk on his leash and meet people.


He spent a lot of the weekend on the floor, playing with the spectators.


I don’t think I’d ever seen a fawn Somali in person before I met him…isn’t he handsome?


But the funniest thing was when we were packing up on Sunday afternoon. Joe and Marvie’s grandkids were pushing a little flat cart, and Max and Gus went along for the ride!


It reminded me so much of Jacoby riding the cart in our building down to the first floor. I guess cart riding is another Aby/Somali trait. Gus is actually an Aby variant; his mother, Thecatgarden Lildreamer of Odakota is a Somali).


I thought Gus looked more like a Somali than an Aby when I first saw him; he reminded me a bit of my Siamese Patrick, whose mother was a Balinese. Although he was a TICA-registered Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese, he had softer, silkier fur than a “normal” Siamese.


Max was much more into the riding than Gus was. It was pretty fun to watch them. Good to know I’m not the only one who has a silly cat!

*Speaking of Patrick, he and Max share the same birthday! Patrick (aka Sugar Hill Twinkletoes) was born 28 October 1994 and lived to the grand old age of 16.

Abys in Need: Lexor in North Carolina

How tragic is this? I got this email today through one of my Aby Rescue contacts:

“A 9 year old Aby was left in a garage after the family moved. He was there for about a month, the landlord fed him and then passed him to my 91 year old father, who cannot care for him and passed him to me hoping that I could find him a home. Unfortunately, I already have three rescues and cannot afford any more. This guy is 9 year old neutered male with papers. He is very loving and sorely in need of attention. I am able to keep him until a good home is found. We are in North Carolina. His name is Lexor, and is quite a handsome boy. I would appreciate any help available.”

I don’t have a photo, unfortunately…but, left in a garage for a month when the family moved? Really? Unbelievable!

Please, please contact Leslie Riley if you can help this poor boy and give him a home for the holidays.