Abys in Need: Lexor in North Carolina

How tragic is this? I got this email today through one of my Aby Rescue contacts:

“A 9 year old Aby was left in a garage after the family moved. He was there for about a month, the landlord fed him and then passed him to my 91 year old father, who cannot care for him and passed him to me hoping that I could find him a home. Unfortunately, I already have three rescues and cannot afford any more. This guy is 9 year old neutered male with papers. He is very loving and sorely in need of attention. I am able to keep him until a good home is found. We are in North Carolina. His name is Lexor, and is quite a handsome boy. I would appreciate any help available.”

I don’t have a photo, unfortunately…but, left in a garage for a month when the family moved? Really? Unbelievable!

Please, please contact Leslie Riley if you can help this poor boy and give him a home for the holidays.

11 thoughts on “Abys in Need: Lexor in North Carolina

  1. We’re in NC and MomKatt Emailed that contact lady to find out where in NC Lexor is. Honestly, I’d like to KICK those people from here to … wherever! Who would DO such a thing???? They should be tracked down & prosecuted for animal cruelty!

    Angry purrz,
    Selina & MomKatt Laura


      1. Sunday update: Leslie just Emailed me & said she was still “teary”, Lexor had just gone to his new home! She says the lady agreed if it did not work out with her one resident kitty!

        Laura & Selina


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