Aby-a-Day – December 6: The Westchester Fashion Show (Fashion Friday)

One of the highlights of the Westchester Cat Show that Jacoby and I attended was the Feline Fashion Show. Held both days, it was a major draw for the spectators and a lot of fun for the participants, human and feline alike.


All of the outfits were made by Katherine Golden (who you can see loves kitties!) of Golden Couture Pet. Katherine creates fabulous fashions for cats, and has been featured in a few feline fashion shows in the New York area.


This is Caleb the Sphynx, dressed in his hipster flannel shirt and beanie.


Caleb is an old pro at modelling in feline fashion shows, and it’s obvious! Look at him pose!


Malika the Bombay was born to wear this little red silk Chinese dress.


This was the Red Dragon costume, modelled by a handsome Savannah.


Ace, another Savannah, rocked out in this heavy-metal hoodie with an AC-DC logo on the back and a mohawk hoodie.


Jake loved the fashion show. Here he is with Daisy the Sphynx in her pretty princess dress.


Jake was originally going to wear the Santa suit…


…but the second we saw the spectacular Turkey costume, we knew that was meant to be his! I also bought that cute little green leopard shirt Jake’s sitting on from Katherine and it’s wonderful as an extra layer under one of Jake’s coats on a very cold day. It was in the 20’s Sunday evening and Jake wore it under his coat on the train ride home.


Jake loved the turkey costume.


I was afraid that it would be too girly, but the hoodie made it quite boyish.


The top was a stretchy fabric with a poofy skirt made of three different shades of tulle – one with glitter! – and a “tail” embellished with seed pearls and different types of feathers including peacock.


Jake was insanely proud of himself in it.


Look at him admiring himself in the mirror!


When we were onstage, Jake showed off. I wish I had photos of us in the fashion show…when it was time to exit stage right, Jake didn’t want to go!


After the show was over, Katherine gave the fabulous Turkey costume to Jake to keep! I feel honoured to own such a masterpiece. Thank you, Katherine.

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