Aby-a-Day – December 8: Achilles (Serious Sunday)

I would like to introduce you to a very special Aby.


Isn’t he handsome? His name is Achilles.


Achilles is a therapy cat and visits nursing homes with his human, Gwyneth. But Achilles is not your ordinary therapy cat.


You see, Achilles has only two and a half legs.


He’s a perfectly healthy, well bred ruddy Aby who had a slight mishap at birth.


His umbilical cord was entwined around his back legs so tightly that the circulation was cut off. It was too late to save his feet, so they had to be amputated.


He was a tiny kitten when all this happened, and he doesn’t seem to mind his disability in the slightest.


Achilles manages to get around perfectly fine on his two front legs and his stump, which has developed a nice tough callus, as well as any other tripod kitty.


And oh, what a sweetheart he is! He reminds me a lot of Jacoby, with his calm and his steadfastness. Nothing seems to faze him and he loves people. He was having a great time hanging out in the Galileo’s Organic Catnip Toy vendor’s stall at the Westchester Show.


I think if any cat deserves a Cat of the Year nomination, it’s Achilles. Maybe next year..?

Vote for Cousin Seamus!

Jacoby’s cousin Seamus is in a Christmas photo contest, and he needs your vote!

If Seamus gets the most votes, he’ll win a $1000 gift certificate at Shopper’s Drug Mart!

Abys in Need – QT in Chicago, IL

Okay, this is all I know, and I’m just pasting the email exactly as it came through the Aby Rescue email list…but WOW.

Good afternoon,

My mother’s best friend from kindegarten, Katie (86 years old) died on the 3rd of December. She lived in the Marina Towers in Chicago on the 31st floor, in a studio apartment. She had a 2-3 yr old purebred Aby. The lady who was supposed to take him has backed out. I am trying my best to find a home for QT from Florida. Katie’s sister, 89, said “just put him down” and I refuse to let that happen. Currently he is being boarded with his vet.

Is there any chance you might have an option for a family for QT. Adrienne, the lawyer, is able to ship him anywhere in the country, though someone in the Chicago area would be ideal.

Thank you for any help you can give me…

Kathy Sutton 813-961-5654; email: kesbiz@aol.com

Just…wow: “Just put him down’? He’s only 2 or 3 years old! I thought the Grinch’s name was “Grinch.” Apparently I was wrong. Let’s see if we can give poor QT a happy Christmas!