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Abys in Need – Alice in Pleasanton, CA

Let me introduce Alice, a 5 year old Ruddy Aby. She’s a Purebreds Plus, and she’s being fostered at the same home Angel was before I adopted her. Poor Alice has been having a bad time…and guess what is at the root of it all? Here is Alice’s story:

Alice is such a different girl than the one who came into rescue 4 months ago. We were called by a local shelter and asked to take Alice into rescue as she wasn’t doing well at the shelter. Our foster mom drove to evaluate her. She met Alice, picked her up and carried her around the shelter and then placed her back in her cage, all the time wondering where the disagreeable girl was that the shelter had called about. Paperwork done and with Alice in her cage, away they went. But that agreeable girl changed when they got to the foster mom’s house. For the next couple of months, anytime Alice did not agree with her foster mom leaving the room or getting to near her when she was eating, she would attack her foster mom’s feet and lower legs. She has the scars to show for it. We see this with upset declawed cats at times. Alice also was jumpy when it came to eating. She growled while she was eating and couldn’t be touched. Not much is known about Alice’s background except that she was owned by a couple who loved her but then had a baby. Alice became very jealous and was acting out. They punished her for her behavior and finally took her to the shelter.

But Alice has moved beyond where she was. With patience and time, Alice has become the girl she is today. Now she comes into the house, follows her foster mom around, lays near her or sits in her lap when she watches TV. Alice allows kissing, hugging on her terms and petting while she is eating. She is a talker so be prepared to carry on a conversation but Alice has definite opinions about her world. She is fine around the cats in the houseful, but it is very stressful for her if another cat picks on her.

Alice eats high quality, grain free cat food and does better on canned food than dry food, which unsettles her stomach at times. Her foster mom is happy to talk to potential adopters about the best diet for Alice. Alice is not a cat for everyone. She should not be in a home with young children and really likes men, although she has become very close to her foster mom. She would prefer to be an only cat or with another calm girl and would probably do well with a gentle dog. Weighing in at 13 1/2 pounds, Alice is spayed, FeLV/FIV negative/negative, current on vaccinations, microchipped and litter box perfect. She is fostered in Pleasanton.

Alice just wants to share her life with someone who will love and respect her. Are you that person? If so, then contact Karen at (707) 301-6425 or Aby_Lover87@yahoo.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application.

I will never understand declawing. It does so much more damage than claws do…