Aby-a-Day – December 12: The tree is in the bag

Because things are happening and we’ll have some news soon, we are not setting up our big fibre-optic white Christmas. But we didn’t know that before Thanksgiving, and we got the tree bag out of storage, fully intending to put it up.


We store the tree in a hockey goalie gear bag, and it works pretty well. The tree is large and heavy and the bag contains it well.


Someone, however, has learned how to open zippers. It’s to the point I’ve got little locks for Jacoby’s SturdiShelter and his carrying bags.


Check this out!




As I’ve mentioned several times, Jake loves the Christmas tree.


And this year, since we’re not putting it up, he’s using his zipper-opening skills on the tree bag so he can crawl inside and sleep with his beloved tree.


Sorry Jake! I promise it will be up next year!