Aby-a-Day – December 15: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Cat Tree

We aren’t setting up the big Christmas tree this year, but, using one of our scratching posts, I built a sort of “Christmas cat tree” with our swirly light trees.


It’s not as nice as the big tree, but it’s better than no decorations at all!


I hope Jacoby isn’t too disappointed with this year’s holiday display.


I also found an adorable dancing Christmas tree at Macy’s. When you push a button on its foot, it lights up and dances while singing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”



I thought the cats, especially Jake, would be enthralled by Bruce the Spruce.

As you can see by this video, however…well, I guess Jake’s a little too calm and used to weird things and sounds to really get excited over a singing and dancing tree. When I finally showed him the tree in action, it was anticlimactic, to say the least…

I was expecting something more like this!