Aby-a-Day – December 20: Battle for the bed (Friday Flashback)

Christmastime is always a little bittersweet, because we got Gun-Hee on December 15. I always think of him as my Christmas kitten, and the memories of him always come back the strongest at this time of year.


He was such a funny little guy. Kylie got this cute pink bed and Gun-Hee loved it…but he didn’t love the cushion that came inside. He was constantly burrowing underneath it, if not throwing it out of the bed completely.


One day, he threw the pillow out so forcefully, the bed flipped over!


Turns out, it was even more fun upside-down.


And then Kylie came to reclaim her bed.


Kylie’s 8 now, 4 years older than Jacoby, but she was only a year older than Gun-Hee, and they were very close.


They would play together a lot. But that doesn’t mean Kylie was ready to relinquish her bed to him.


In fact, she was prepared to do whatever was necessary to reclaim her rightful pink bed.


I think Kylie outweighed Gun-Hee at this point…this could not have been comfortable!


She managed to get him partway out of her bed…but possession is still 9/10 of the law!


I can’t remember how this ended up…but I love the perplexed look on Kylie’s face as she’s figuring out her next move in extracting him from her bed.