Aby-a-Day – December 22: Weruva, Jake’s new BFF

The other day, Jacoby got a box in the mail.





He knew it was for him as soon as I brought it into the apartment, too. Of course, it said “For the Cat of the Year” on it, but I didn’t know Jake could read.



The box was full of Weruva Cat Food and treats!


Weruva is based in Natick, MA, and they also make Best Feline Friend cat food. I love that the company is named after three cats: WEbster, RUdi and VAnessa. I also love that there is a cat named Vanessa.



This was part of Jake’s “Cat of the Year” award from the Westchester show last month. I didn’t know Jake was getting food as part of his honours and was very surprised when the Weruva rep announced it during the ceremony.


Jake inspected the contents of his box thoroughly.


Very thoroughly.



Very very thoroughly!


He was much more interested in the treat canisters than he was in the food packets. Typical.


Weruva food prides itself on not being “mystery mush.” As they explain on their website: “We do not blend our ingredients into the meatloaf-style pate. We instead flake our protein cuts off the bone, and they are then hand placed into cans along with other food ingredients that may be in the formula. Our philosophy is ‘what you see is what you get.’ We want you to see and identify the quality of the ingredients that we list on the ingredient statement.” I do have to say, some of their food looks (and smells!) pretty good to me…and the cats love it, too.



Since I wasn’t opening any of the packets or tubes of food, the box took on a more immediate interest to Jake.



He really fell in love with this box, too. I guess Webster, Rudi and Vanessa gave it some extra good smells before they sent it off. Natick is only about 20 miles from Boston, so the box didn’t have to travel far.


It isn’t like we don’t have any other boxes lying about the place, but this box was special.


And the fact that it came with a food supply (which Jake diligently monitored, just in case they spontaneously burst open) only made it that much more attractive.


Perhaps a little too attractive.


Look at Jake’s face! I think he’s more concerned that Angel’s going to try to take away his box than he is about her taking the food!


“I didn’t want your stupid old box anyway,” Angel says as she stalks away.




Of course, we had to try some of the grain-free, all-meat treats…as you can see, they earned the Aby Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

Abys in Need: Jezebel in Wyandotte, MI

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a Fawn Aby in a shelter!

“Jezebel is one of the sweetest cats at the shelter. Turned in as a stray with a mild injury, she is almost completely healed and was an absolute angel even when not feeling well. she loves to cuddle and seems good with other animals as well.

The cats/kittens that are posted are available, unless it is stated ‘adopted.’ If one is ‘pending’ you still may submit an application in case the adoption does not go through. The Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center Committee reviews this application before releasing any animal to a new home. If interested in Jezebel, please copy and paste the application on this listing, and email to wacvolunteers@gmail.com.

Gotta give props to the shelter for the awesome adoption photos. But I do have to wonder…a Fawn Aby…turned in as a stray? How does that happen? Didn’t her family want her back?