Aby-a-Day – December 23: Christmas Eve Eve (Hipstamatic Monday)

Christmastime is so exciting!


All the packages!


This one is from Cousin Taz and Louis-Fire. Somehow, Jacoby knows it’s for him.


And he really wants to open it!


There’s also a bag from Galileo’s Organic Catnip Toys under our “tree.”


And that really shiny one behind Jake? That’s from his mother Catalina and his littermate-brother Dillin.


No wonder he wants to sit next to it. I wonder if he can smell family on it?


I just love how much Jake loves Christmas.


He loves the lights, the trees…everything.


Don’t worry, Jake. Only one more day after today, and then you can open your presents!

Abys in Need: Ravenna in LA

I don’t know if it’s the season, or what…but doesn’t it seem like we’ve had more of these than usual?

“Ravenna is a 2 year old ruddy abyssinian. There was no “ruddy” color on Petfinder but she is definitely a purebred. Ravenna needs to be kept on a raw food diet as she is prone to gaining weight and also having some intestinal issues if she doesn’t get a good quality food. She really loves a raw or cooked diet too.

She is ultra affectionate like many Abys are and wants to be with you helping you in any way possible. She gets along with dogs and some cats.

If you are interested in meeting her please contact New Homes 4 Animals by email or phone 310-671-7795 for an application and we can tell you more about this wonderful girl.”