Aby-a-Day – December 29: Catatouille

Jacoby is such a great help in the kitchen. It’s particularly impressive when you consider that he isn’t, technically, allowed on the counters.


And, yet, he finds a way to supervise all cooking operations.


He’s not too sure about those carrots I’ve put inside the turkey, though.



He’s also not completely certain about all that junk I’ve put on the turkey’s skin.



But he’s willing to give it a chance.


Um…okay, Jake. That’s quite enough chance-giving. Move along.

9 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – December 29: Catatouille

  1. Leroy would actually *eat* the raw turkey :-O I feed raw food so unfortunately Leroy thinks every single piece or raw meat is for him :-O

    Did Jake get a piece of turkey for a treat later?


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