Aby-a-Day – December 30: The tunnel king (Hipstamatic Monday)

We are packing to move into a new apartment.


This means that old, boring toys, scratchers and beds suddenly appear in new and exciting places!


Like this little round bed tunnel.



Jacoby won this tunnel at the Seacoast cat show in Concord, NH last year, and it’s been in the bedroom since we got it.


It’s been largely ignored for ages.


Put it on the top of three plastic storage bins, however, and suddenly everyone wants to get in it again!


Jake got in it and simply would not get out of it again.


Angel was camped out on top of the cat tree, waiting for him to leave so she could have her chance, but Jake simply refused to move.


She had a long wait, too. From the time we first moved it and Jake noticed it, he stayed in there until dinnertime, about five hours later!

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