Aby-a-Day – January 17: Functional Fashion (Fashion Friday)

Everyone knows the secret to dressing for winter weather is wearing layers


Jacoby is no stranger to layers. When we go out in cold weather, he has his GoldenCouture Pet turtleneck as a base layer.


We got this at the Westchester Cat Show and it’s a marvelous green and grey leopard print.




It fits Jake really well and doesn’t interfere with his range of motion in the slightest.


It also fits perfectly underneath his United Bamboo Fishtail Parka and keeps the cold and wind from going down his neck.


As you can see, the turtleneck keeps the snow from going down his neck, too. The parka zips and snaps all the way up his belly so his core is well insulated.


Jake is also wearing his blue fleece-lined Muttluk boots, so his feet are nice and toasty, too. He doesn’t really like the boots, but he does appreciate them when he’s out in the snow.


We take the boots off as soon as we get back inside, though. You can see how well covered Jake is in his coat and undershirt.


He was actually dryer and warmer than I was when we went back in from the snow! My jeans were soaked through and my hands were cold and wet even though I was wearing gloves! Between Jake’s own fur and his winter wardrobe, he was perfectly dry and warm.

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