Aby-a-Day – February 2: The Kitten Bowl!

Today is the one day that people look forward to all year long, for various reasons. Some get all excited about humans playing football, while others can’t wait for the Puppy Bowl and Kitty Half-Time Show.


This year, though, there was a new game in town: the Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl!


Jacoby was all over the kitten action, from the locker room interviews to the three games themselves.



Unlike the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl was an actual playoff game, with actual teams and an actual winner. While the Puppy Bowl is basically just puppies running around playing with toys and each other, the Kitten Bowl had distinct teams: The red and white North Shore Bengals (featuring Ferrell Owens) wearing blue collars; the Last Hope Lions (featuring Tabby Romo), brown tabbies sporting purple collars; the black and black and white Home and Family Felines (featuring Feline Manning) wearing orange collars; and the blue Cedar Cove Cougars (featuring Tomcat Brady) in their red collars. Touchdowns were counted by kittens carrying or batting toys over the goal lines, and field goals were scored by the kittens climbing or jumping over the sisal rope-covered goalposts.


So, in other words, there was an actual game going on with the Kitten Bowl..at least, when there wasn’t a power outage (which both the Kitten and Puppy Bowls seemed to have problems with this year, go fig)!


The Kitten Bowl was three soild hours of kitteny goodness…clearly better than the Puppy Bowl’s ever-shrinking Kitten Halftime Show (which seemed even shorter this year, diluted as it was with Keyboard Cat doing Bruno Mars).


And since it was played by rescue kittens, there were no Abys in the Kitten Bowl…but there was a little white kitten who looked a lot like Kylie did when she was a kitten!


I loved that all the kittens were organised into distinct teams and that each little cat wore a collar with a North Shore Animal League tag. It was a great three-hour commercial for shelter kitties…and it was a lot of fun to watch, too. Jake and I can’t wait for next year’s Kitten Bowl!