Aby-a-Day – February 6: No place to sit

Our new apartment is currently being renovated, and we’re ordering and collecting things for the new place in our old place.


It’s a little annoying for the cats, as all the boxes are taking away their favourite places to sit.



Angel makes do as best she can, though.


I mean, there’s still a little space left here…

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

It’s only February, and already we’ve got our first Page-a-Day Calendar Aby! Meet Gigi from Conshohocken, PA:

Hearing is a cat’s most highly developed sense. They can hear sounds at a frequency three times higher than we can, and their ears, which are relatively large, can rotate around like a satellite dish to capture sounds more accurately. Not only do cats perceive the slightest noise, they can judge where it’s coming from. Now you know why your cat can not only hear you opening a can of food, but can tell if you are opening the specific cabinet where his food is kept.

HAHAHA…ears and food, two of the things people most associate with Abys…

I love his little cowboy hat!