Aby-a-Day – February 7: Olympic style (Fashion Friday)

The 2014 Winter Olympics start tomorrow!


Jacoby is all ready for them too, with his new Maple Leaf sweater from BaxterBoo.


I got it on sale last month, and Jake loves it.


Of course, he’s all about Team Canada, good Canadian-born cat that he is. Go Canada!


I also have a pair of the iconic red Olympic mittens from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


These are fun because you can hold up your hands and make a maple leaf.



Apparently, they also make a pretty good hat.



Who knew?



Between his sweater and my mittens, we are all ready for the opening ceremonies tonight.

Abys in Need – Two Abys in Austral, NSW, Australia

These photos are just heartbreaking. The shelter is calling them “Abyssinian Crosses” but they look like purebred Abys to me.

Look at these poor ears! The cats in this shelter don’t seem to have names, only numbers, so this first one is #14840a, and it doesn’t say if he’s a male or female. It only says that he’s “Brown, has injury to eye which is being treated, underweight, shy but friendly in need of some TLC.”

This boy is #14840b, and he looks to be a fawn Aby, though he could be a sorrel or red silver Aby, too, since this is Australia. His ears are less tattered, and the shelter says he is “Fawn, underweight, shy but friendly in need of some TLC.” Both Abys were found in Narellan and were just listed today.

If you’re in New South Wales and want to rescue these two, please contact the Renbury Farm Animal Shelter, 402 Bringelly Road, Austral, NSW (near Liverpool)
Tel – 9606 6118
Email – info@renbury.com.au
Web – www.renbury.com.au

Poor kitties! As scary the idea of an Aby loose in the wilds of North America is, with cougars, coyotes and fishers…the idea of an Aby battling Aussie wildlife is so much more frightening!