Aby-a-Day – February 21: #GoCanadaGo (Fashion Friday)

Jacoby and I got a special delivery care package from our friend Kim (who lives with Jake’s Uncle Clancy and his Cousin Seamus) yesterday.


Kim thought Jake deserved his own pair of Red Mittens


Okay…so his mittens are actually a keychain. But they’re still real mittens!


They really fit on his paws!


He needs to grow into the thumbs, though.


Kim also sent Jake an official Team Canada shirt!



He was pretty proud of himself when I put it on him. You can bet he’ll be wearing it on Sunday.



Here he is with his shirt and mittens on.




You can see how pleased he is with himself. My friend Sheila said he was “being smug and showing off,” and she is right! We benched together at Westchester and she explained Jake to someone on Facebook: “Jake is a very atypical, unusual Aby. Seems to know how handsome he is and so he loves to wear clothes and show off. He certainly has one of the mellowest personalities. He will sit in a show shelter, door open, posing for the public, and not move a paw even when unsupervised. I witnessed this, and while it almost gave me a heart attack when I first saw it, I then marveled at it. MAYBE a freeze dried chicken treat would cause him to jump down, if it were on the floor, but then I swear he would jump right back up into his “house” and pose again.” That is Jake all right!


We are now ready for the big game on Sunday – Bring it on, Sweden! Thank you SO much, Kim…we owe you one!!

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