Aby-a-Day – March 2: Reality Realised

You may remember my post from a about a week ago about building furniture the cats can climb. In that post, I showed mock-ups of our IKEA Bestå TV cabinet, imagining how it would look in the new workroom:

bestå4.50.17 PM


Well…here’s how it looked on Thursday!


We swapped the three-shelf section with the two-shelf; the three-shelf now has the legs and is the bottom unit and the two-shelf is the floating upper unit. The doors will probably stay on the three-shelf unit. These shelves are pretty heavy and the floating section is anchored to a stud and there are brackets attached to the top but still…with cats jumping around up there we don’t need to stress the wall any more than necessary!



We don’t have the doors or any of the shelves up (both in the main cabinet or the green external climbing shelves), and I had to give Jacoby a boost to get up there…but you can see he’s already enjoying his new perch!


We haven’t built the Expedit extravaganza in the bedroom yet, but we do have the carpet installed.


(I found it interesting that the carpet padding is made of recycled running shoes!)


I had mixed feelings about carpet. I’m not a huge fan of wall-to-wall, but the bedroom was already carpeted when we bought it and it gave it a really nice, warm cozy feeling in there. I know carpet and cats don’t always mix, but this is a pet-recommended carpet from Home Depot, and we chose a dark grey colour, so that should help hide any of the inevitable barfing that will happen.




And when the Expedit kitty stairway is all set up, Jake is ready to test it out!