Abys in Need: Jasmine in Orange County, CA

This is a really sad story that was posted to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook today.

“This is Jasmine, our latest foster Aby. She is a very sweet & affectionate, front declawed Aby who was dumped in a backyard. At 10 pm someone called Orange County Animal Control to get her. She had a microchip, but the phone number was disconnected. She spent 8 days in the shelter before we could pull her on behalf of the Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR). She had several infected sores in her mouth, along with 7 broken, infected, & loose teeth that had to be removed. Also there was a large mass that turned out to be cancerous. We will hospice foster Jasmine for SCAR. This is the 3rd very sick aby that SCAR has rescued this year that was dumped at high kill shelters by their owners due to health issues. SCAR is a U.S. tax-exempt, nonprofit rescue that relies on donations. It costs a lot to care for these sick cats, so all donations are greatly appreciated. Go to www.socaabyrescue.com for more information.”

Poor girl! I can’t believe what she had been through. And her face says it all about how she feels about her former humans…

4 thoughts on “Abys in Need: Jasmine in Orange County, CA

  1. This is so sad. 😦 I think the fact that she was front declawed already says a lot about how awful the people were who dumped her… long before the dumping ever happened.


  2. Jasmine, I say, “Ptui,” to your former owners, too! Bad people! Bad, BAD people! You’ll get that help you need … and may you overcome that Cancer!!!


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