Update: A happy ending for the Abys in Need in NSW, Australia

Good news for a change on the Aby rescue front! Check out what’s been going on with those two rescued boys in Australia:

They’ve been adopted! They were adopted by Phyll Calvert, who was involved in their rescue and who was keeping us all updated on their progress on hte Abyssinian Cat Club Facebook page:

Hi all, here is a photo taken this evening of the Renbury tawny/ruddy/usual who had an eye removed yesterday. Still yet to decide on a name for him and his bro. Anyway, it is 8.00pm Tuesday, 4 March in Australia. I have just got off the phone with their carer Jo after she picked up the boys from the vet after surgeries. They are both doing well, have put on weight and vet is happy with where they are at and Jo advised that the vet is now happy for them to be migrated off kitten food and onto a normal diet. Eye removal was smooth with no complications and he will be on anti-inflammatories for 2 weeks. They have both been desexed and given their vaccinations. So far so good. The tawny/usual/ruddy is a very smoothie boy and was after pats and scratches as soon as he woke from eye/desexing surgery :-). The silver/fawn? Well he is still quite aloof and reserved, but not quiet, apparently he was extremely vocal during the trip from the vet back to carer Jo’s house. Methinks, my boss is going to need ear plugs for the 4 hour drive from Northshore, Sydney to Canberra on Friday!!! Well, he did volunteer didn’t he? 🙂

I will post an update in 3 days time when the boys will be finally with me.

Isn’t that brilliant!? And names suggested for the pair include Rufus and Rupert, Ralphie and Randy, Sisu and Phoenix, and (my personal favourites) Hawkeye (for the tawny/usual/ruddy, of course) and Trapper. I can’t wait to see what they think of their new home!

7 thoughts on “Update: A happy ending for the Abys in Need in NSW, Australia

  1. I cant wait to see their first report after they get to Phyll’s place. What a new life they have in store for them. (and for Phyll). Im glad too that they get to live together. Having each other will help with all the changes I am sure. ❤


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