Aby-a-Day – March 6: Sympathy pains

A couple of months ago, Tessie had a condition that required her to wear what is now, thanks to Pixar, universally known as the “cone of shame.”


She had to wear it for almost three weeks.


Tessie was not a huge fan of this.


It didn’t cramp her style too much; she could still chase Jacoby.


But it did make some things difficult, like scratching itchy ears!


The cone collar that Tessie had was a soft one made out of a soft paperlike fabric similar to what many reusable shopping bags are made from. We had two so we could switch them out when one got dirty (which they did when Tessie ate).


So, having two cones, I did what any cat owner would do – I put one on the healthy cat, in this case Jake.


I wanted to see what he would do.


He wasn’t crazy about it, especially at first…



…but it certainly didn’t slow him down or bother him very much.


Especially when food was involved!


He took to it much more naturally than Tessie did, which considering he’ll wear hats and clothing isn’t too surprising.


And it’s a good thing to know that if he ever does need to wear a cone for some reason, it won’t cause him any more stress. Jake is so easy-going, a cone won’t make any condition he might have any worse.


We all know that misery loves company, so I think Jake wearing a cone made Tessie feel a little better.


Tessie is fine now, by the way. She seems to have recovered completely!

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 6: Sympathy pains

  1. I had one of those for Catalina, Jake’s mom after she had “over groomed” her belly when she had kittens. It disappeared from around her neck one day. It’s been maybe 5 years now and I never have found it! LOL

    I did like that soft style though because it seems more comfortable for the cat to sleep.


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