Aby-a-Day – March 14: Intimidating surroundings (Friday Flashback)

When Angel first came to live with us, she was only comfortable in two places: on the sofa or on the bed. Unless she was eating or using the litter box, she stayed on the sofa or the bed and acted as if the floor was lava.


There was a reason for her timidness: Tessie.



Angel and Tessie have always had a rather strained relationship. It got even tenser when Tessie was on the sofa at the same time Angel was (which was about 75% of the time).


There were some times Angel would venture down off the furniture…but never on the floor! And always with an eye trained on Tessie.


I think Angel wanted to be friends with Tessie, but Tessie has always been resentful – if not downright jealous – of Angel.


This is one reason that Angel was scared of Tessie – Tessie would try to trap her in the litterbox!

angel attack

When Angel finally got up the nerve to push past Tessie, Kylie was waiting outside the bathroom to jump her.


These two bullied Angel a lot when Angel first moved in.


It’s no wonder the sofa was her safety zone!


However, in the new apartment, it’s almost as if a reset button has been pressed. It’s a new territory for everyone, and suddenly Angel is on equal ground.


It took six years, but Angel is exploring and owning the new apartment much more than she ever did the old one.

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