Aby-a-Day – March 17: When Irish Eye Are Smiling (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby wasn’t the only Aby in the house who watched the Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade from the windows of our apartment.


After a while, Jake retired to the bedroom where he lounged comfortably while keeping an eye on the action.


The view from the bedroom wasn’t as good as from the living room since it was mainly the staging area…


…but there was still a lot to see.


And Jake definitely enjoyed himself, watching the parade while sprawled in the sun on our mattress. Look at his smile!


Angel was also watching the parade from a perch in the art room.


Right now, the art room is a pile of plastic bins with cat beds on top of them since we’re still waiting for the closet doors to be installed and the final painting to be done.


The tunnel bed is currently on top of a stack of these bins and Angel has adopted it as her own.


Angel had an excellent vantage from which to observe the parade.


She’s never been able to see the parade before, so I’m sure she found it fascinating.


This was a random collection of Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader (standing in the back of the pickup truck in the intersection), Jedi knights, Rebel Alliance fighters, and Jawas. What they had to do with St. Patrick’s Day is anyone’s guess.


Jake isn’t the only Aby who can smile, as it turns out!

(Title courtesy of KittyCatOnline…because she thought of it and I didn’t!)

Update: Playful rescue Abys in NSW, Australia

Phyll, the woman who adopted the two rescued Aby brothers in Australia, posted a new video of them playing (yes, playing!) this weekend on the Facebook Aby group.

Odin and Loki (they have names, now, too!) seem to be having a lot of fun with this donut toy. Poor lads, it looks as though they haven’t had much play in their lives.

They are also so polite when they play! They take turns and everything. I’m sure that will change as they become more settled. And according to Phyll, they do seem to actually be brothers: “The vet puts them at the same age, and given the mutilations to their ears, and the fact they were found together and are inseparable, would have to say they are brothers. But, their coats are so different. Odin has a beautiful soft, silky coat which is improving all the time and Odin’s coat is quite course but also getting more of a shine to it. If not full brothers, they are definitely brothers from different mothers :-)”

Oh, if only this pair could talk and tell us what they’ve been through!