Aby-a-Day – March 21: What Should Jacoby Wear? – A Contest! (Fashion Friday)

Here is Jacoby modelling his new braided leather tag collar with the gold metallic knots and his Arja’s Art Finnish harness made of soft metallic copper leather.




Don’t they look well together, Jake asks.

Remember my post last week about Poutine Press’ fabulous Aby T-shirt? Well, Simon and Sarah have graciously offered to send an Aby Star T-shirt to one lucky reader!

They’re shipping first from Montreal, and then from Boston, so they’ll take a week or two, but if you are the winner you can select your size, so that’s worth the wait! All you have do to win this amazing shirt is…(drumroll please)…describe an outfit you would like to see Jake wear someday. Illustrations are welcome. The outfit that amuses and inspires me the most will win!

Deadline for entries is next Wednesday, March 26. Good luck and have fun!

17 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 21: What Should Jacoby Wear? – A Contest! (Fashion Friday)

    1. Jake has some of Julie’s clothes! He has the top hat and the crown…and Angel has an eyepatch she made! Jake and Toki are actually cousins through Instincts cattery.


  1. Well, I already BOUGHT a t-shirt and received it on Thursday!! They have super-fast shipping in Canada!! It’s a bit smaller than I expected but I’m going to wash it & stretch it out a bit while it’s wet.

    But what should Jake wear? I want to see him in a red onesie!! With the buttoned flap at the bum! Yep… all cozy in thermal cotton with bunny slippers on and PJs from ankle to neck and all the way down to his wrists, too!!!


  2. Since Jake is a stoic leader whose curiosity for the world knows no bounds, I would love to see him dressed up as George Washington in Leutze’s painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” I *know* he could pull it off perfectly!


  3. I would like to see him dressed as a Biker with a leather jacket, little boots and a Biker hat..He would be so cool..lol


  4. Peter Pan! I see him wearing the green suit with a hat with a feather, and soft shoes. It would look so nice with the color of his eyes. He could also have a sword to help him save the day. He goes off on all kinds of adventures. Vanquishing crocodiles and saving the day. He does so many things that other cats only dream about. Flies around in his stroller, goes to exotic places, and finds the highest places to sit and view the world.


  5. I could also see Jake as a doctor complete with white jacket, stethoscope, prescription pad, and so forth. “Tell me where it hurts!”


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