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Abys in Need: Leviathan in Kansas City, MO

Hold onto your Kleenex…this one is super sad:

My story is as follows:

I have beautiful female Abyssinian cat named “Leviathan” meaning the Sea Beast. She was named by my son who loves Moby Dick, the novel.

She is blue with peachish markings. She is approximately 12 years old and weighs approximately 7 lbs. We have owned her for 7 years. She has front claws. She is extremely affectionate, extremely. She is an indoor cat who uses a litter box. She only goes outside on screened porch, fully protected.

She would obviously be good for a home with no pets to avoid additional stress. I assume all pet owners who really want their pets to go to a great home would want this for their love of their life. We did previously own a large yellow outdoor tabby who came in the house about 25 percent of the time. We also owned a soft coated wheaten terrier. She did adjust and get along with them both. Both pets were in our home when we rescued her. Both our other pets died in 2010. Therefore, she has been our only pet for 4 years.

We rescued her from a Humane Society in Missouri. It was a no-kill shelter. However, I do not desire to return her to this shelter. If you want me to go into the facts, I will but suffice it to say, she had been in a cage for about 6 months with little human interaction. She was highly unhealthy (obese), not exercised, under great distress from this shelter with about 150 cats. Therefore, I really cannot humanely return her there.

The facts of my family are similar to others in the economic crisis of our time. I am an attorney who was laid off 2 years go, ran out of unemployment, house went into foreclosure, now selling my home and moving in to a bedroom of a friends home. My friend has 4 dogs and 2 goats. The dogs include an English Bull Mastiff that is over 200 lbs. Therefore, it would be highly stressful and an inappropriate home for her.

I do not want to give up my beautiful baby but I cannot take her to my new bedroom and lock her up there. I am destitute also so cannot afford her appropriate care. This is a devastating situation for me and my 3 teenage sons. I have been forced also to give back custody of the boys to their father due to severe economic conditions.

The sooner, the better on placement. She is becoming stressed with all the people going in and out of the house for repairs, packing and showings.

Regards, Jill

If you can help Jill and Lev, please contact Jill by email at jillsusangalbreath@yahoo.com or by calling 913-963-4074. Let’s help these two!