Aby-a-Day – March 29: “Bird” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Bird.”


Among the toys that our friend Sanna sent from Finland was this catnip bird. It’s very firmly stuffed and a marvelous shape.



Of course, Jacoby loves it.


He especially loves rubbing his head on it!


So much so that he gets a little carried away with the rubbing. Jake, the bird’s on the other side!


Jake’s not the only one who likes the bird, though.


Tessie and Angel like it, too. But of course, Angel was a little shy about taking the bird from Tessie.


So I took her and the bird into the middle room for a little alone time.



Someone’s in the catbird seat!

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 29: “Bird” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

  1. Cute bird toy 🙂 Is it filled with catnip or just polyfil? Does Jake have any response to catnip? My Aby Leroy has zero reaction to catnip.


  2. My DOGS have always loved catnip toys even more’n’ the CATS! We have a new puppy (well, she’s new to us & is an older puppy) who also loves the ‘nip!


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