Aby-a-Day – March 31: Morning routine (Hipstamatic Monday)

Here is a typical morning with Jacoby.


He is often the first thing I see upon awakening.


Not a bad thing to wake up to at all.


Some stretching and scratching…


…and a little rubbing and purring…


…and we’re off to the bathroom.


I say Jake is not a jumper, and here’s a perfect example. Instead of just leaping to the vanity, he takes this route: Toilet…


…to the litter box cabinet…


…and then the sink. He always goes this way.


“Okay, Mom…now what?”


It’s always a challenge to get ready with Jake helping.

Abys in Need: 3 Abys in Las Vegas and an Update on Jasmine in LA

I got this email late last night:

“My Aunt in Las Vegas is at a point now where she is making end of life decisions. Leaving her home of 40 years and unable to care for her cats is the hardest part of her transition.

She has 3 Abyssinians about 14 years old. These babies have been pampered and adored all these years. They have had regular vet visits, teeth cleaning, and are amazing loving girls.

My Aunt cries constantly about the babies and we must find a loving home in the Vegas area. All 3 don’t necessarily need to be together, but of course it would be nice. The two Ginger (red, I assume) girls are very connected. The blue/rust baby is more of a loner. I am in Arizona and would appreciate any help you can lend. Please, please help.”

If you can help, please contact Sharon Wells at 928-358-5437. I don’t have any photos of these three.

An update was posted on Jasmine, the older Aby in Southern California with bad teeth who was dumped in a high-kill shelter, today in the Abyssinian Foster Network group on Facebook: “Update on our foster aby, Jasmine. She had surgery to remove 7 broken & infected teeth along with several abcesses & a cancerous mass. She is so very sweet and is enjoying everyday. SCAR is following up on a suggestion to take her to a veterinarian school for treatment.”

She looks happier already!