Update on the Aussie brothers Odin and Loki

This is not an April Fool’s joke…just look at our friends from Oz!

Phyll writes “The boys are now vaccinated and have a good bill of health. Odin is now 3.13kg which is a 150 gm increase and Loki is 4.something kg (sorry can’t recall actual weight) but vet is happy with them. Both need to gain a little bit more but nearly at their correct weight. Eye socket on Odin is great and Loki had a complete check out, ears included. Lot of wax build up in ears, but appeared mite free. Will be a long time before I clean them though. Temperatures on both are fine. I am now sporting several war wounds and have blood on my carpet and shirt, pee on my bed and four very stressed cats, one stressed daughter and one stressed me. Household is now calming down and relaxing. Thank god it is all over, I am enjoying a wine and then on to preparing the boys meal and then cook ours. Of course humans come last! <3"

Don’t they look spectacular!?

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