Aby-a-Day – April 13: Cat Fanciers’ Federation

Last Saturday, Jacoby and I went to a CFF (Cat Fanciers’ Federation) cat show.



The CFF is one of the oldest feline registries in the United States, but it’s also one of the smallest. Originally called the Atlantic Cat Club, it was once a part of the CFA, but broke off and became their own club in 1919.



The territoty of the CFF is rather small: They only have shows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut. But that also makes it very close-knit and friendly.


But the most fun thing about the show was, we got to see Buddy, Stan and Patty. You may recall Buddy (JazzyAbys Buddy Rich) earned his Grand Premiership in CFA back in August 2012, at the show at the Mansfield Holiday Inn. Well, Buddy is working on his Grand Champion Alter title in CFF.


And he almost made it, too. Despite finishing first in an Allbreed Alter ring, Buddy ended the day needing one point to Grand!


Part of the reason Buddy didn’t make that last point was that he wasn’t able to be judged in two rings since his humans were judging, too. In Stan and Patty’s rings, Jake was the only Aby.


And it was great fun to have Stan and Patty judge Jake for the first time. Ever since Gun-Hee’s first show when he was a kitten up against Fats Waller, I’ve been in awe of their cats. Wally was CFA’s Best Aby of 2008!


A good time all around in Patty’s ring! Wave to the people, Jake!


For his first CFF show, Jake did really well. He was 6th Best Shorthair Alter, 6th Best Allbreed Alter, 3rd Best Shorthair Alter and 3rd Best Allbreed Alter in his four rings.


Since he was the only Novice Abyssinian, he earned a winner’s ribbon in each ring. In CFF, it takes four winner’s ribbons to become a Champion in the Alter class…so now, as soon as I file his paperwork, Jake’ll be a Champion in his third cat registry!


This was also our first cat show since the Westchester show last November.


I think Jake kind of missed going to shows. He had a good time hanging out and meeting people. Unlike last year, though, he didn’t win the Spectator’s Choice Award (I think he came in second).

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