Aby-a-Day – April 24: Recycle ride

Even though we no longer live close to the garbage and recycle room, Jacoby still likes to come with me when I take out the trash.


We have this canvas basket that we use to carry the recycles to the bins. It sits by the door and collects the recycles during the day, and when Jake sees that I’m about ready to take them out, he waits in the basket, too. Obviously, I can’t leave without him if he’s in the basket!


He just sits in there and waits for me to take him on a ride.


I have never known a cat who loved to ride in and on things as much as Jake does!


Curiously, he only likes to ride in the basket on the way to the bins, when it’s full.


On the way back from the garbage room, Jake prefers to walk.



He already knows where our new apartment is, too.


Here’s our door! Let’s go in!