Aby-a-Day – April 27: Ears the thing…

Sometime in the past year or so, I’ve noticed Jacoby has these spots on his ears.


I’m not sure when they first appeared; just one day I noticed they were there. And they’re only on his ears, no where else on his body. Just the ears.


Jake does have a chronic yeast infection issue inside his ears which crops up every few months and is treated with Tresaderm, but this doesn’t seem to be related to that.


I thought it might be, at first, though. I thought they were bald spots, so I thought that perhaps they were caused by him scratching or shaking his ears. But the spots aren’t actually hairless.


If you look very closely, you can see that the spots do have hair on them. Well, as much hair as the parts of his ears without the spots. They seem to be more depigmented than they are hairless, sort of like reverse freckles. Curious, I did a Google search for bald spots on cats’ ears, and I found this article on The Cat Site about a 4 year old Aby boy with the exact same problem!

Look at this photo of his ears! They look just like Jake’s ears!

Unfortunately, this person hasn’t got any more answers than I have. The best advice I’ve had so far about how to take care of these depigmentation spots?


A brown eyeliner pencil to cover up the pale spots! This won’t cure it, of course…but I’ll try it next weekend at the cat show.

16 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 27: Ears the thing…

  1. Strange that the only thing you could find was another Abby cat..You would think if it was something with the breed there would be a lot more information about it..Oh well Coco..now you have to put his make-up on before he gets dressed..lol


    1. I know! I search the internet…the whole world’s worth of collected information…and the only example that I can find that matches Jake is…another Abyssinian! What are the odds?


      1. Is there a way to write to the lady that posted the picture of the other Aby with this condition? Maybe together you could come up with something..


      2. My Abyssinian Jaxom has the exact same condition – your pics could’ve easily been of him. And, while one Aby is chance, and two is coincidence, the third Aby certainly seems to indicate a pattern. If I ever manage to figure out what it is, exactly, I’ll make sure I let you know. 🙂


  2. What are the chances it’s related to sun exposure? He is outside with you a lot… I’m going to have to check my aby’s ears as I know she has a few ‘war wounds’ from other queens from her breeding days, but have never noticed anything splotchy like that… Hope you get an answer to satisfy your curiosity!


  3. My Cougar Cat (see pic) has the very same spots! He picked ’em up when he got around 10 years old, so I chalked ’em up to old age spots. Reminiscent of liver spots on an old person. Do let us know how the eyeliner hide-the-spot trick works out.


    1. Well only my ruddy boy has them. The sorrel have none! The eyeliner works wonder. I have been using Lancome Kohl Bronce as I find that it covers better on a ruddy. Guess it does not have to be Lancome but bronce. It kind of goes better with the ticking. You Can also use the kohl on small hairless spot. Ex a small wound from a catclaw when the hair falls of and you have a show. I use a black one on my ruddy boys soles. He seems to wear of the hair during the summer, where He gets to be outside all He wants.


  4. I have a Siamese and was noticing he has two of these on this ears. He is completely indoor and declawed. I assumed maybe it was something that came with age because they don’t irritate him at all and my younger cat doesn’t have them.


  5. Hello! Not sure if this is relevant for you but in case someone else is googling:

    I have a four year old ruddy abyssinian female with exact same spots. She has these light spots in ears for two years but lately started to develop more of them and they are bigger. And only in the ears. Seems like breed related.


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